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"What I like most is the people I work with" - Marco @ Born by Tapavino

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


Marco, a QTHC student, has found a job at Born by Tapavino in Barangaroo, NSW and we are beyond proud! Marco's Supervisor is Renee Anderson.

Born by Tapavino boasts a menu influenced by tapas bars and restaurants in and around Barcelona. Their wine list (view picture below) is an encyclopedia of Spanish wine 🇪🇸. To understand the style of each wine the menu utilises emoji's! 🍷

🍇= how much fruit

🛢️(wine barrel) = barrel-aging

💪= body

We asked Marco what he likes most about working at Born:

"What I like most about this place is the people I am working with. They are really kind and always help each other. Even when the work is hard and stressful, they make me enjoy my work. When I first started, they trained me with patience and encouraged me to learn properly."

Marco told us about his favourite dish to cook:

"My favourite dish to cook is roasted eggplant. It is really simple to make but it has many flavours. It is prepared with ground cumin and served with ricotta, honey and lavender leaves. When the eggplant is cooked, its texture is so smooth and I like it. It is an item from our tapas menu and it goes well with drinks and serves best as a starter."

The most important thing that Marco has learnt working at Born:

"I think making a good workflow is the most important thing I have learnt so far. Our kitchen is small and tight. There are many people working at the same time, so equipment and space are limited. I have to think about my priorities at work while doing prep or service, otherwise I can't get my job done."

Born by Tapavino's two sister venues are Bar Tapavino and Balcon by Tapavino. ALL deserve a visit. Say hi 👋to Wonjoon when you arrive!

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