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Cookery Courses


DURATION: Up to 3 Years

POTENTIAL CAREER PATHS: Apprentice Chef, Kitchen Staff, Cook, Sous Chef


DURATION: Up to 4 Years



DURATION: Up to 1 Year

POTENTIAL CAREER PATHS: Breakfast Cook, Catering Assistant, Fast Food Cook, Sandwich Hand, Takeaway Cook


DURATION: Up to 1 Year

POSSIBLE JOB ROLES: Catering Assistant, Cook, Food Service Assistant


Launch Your Culinary Career With Our Cookery Apprenticeship

If you have a passion for cuisine and aspire to take your skills from the kitchen to the world, we offer a cookery apprenticeship in line with our nationally recognised qualifications. So, you can gain the experience you need to launch your career to become an accomplished chef while being paid a wage.

We offer theoretical and practical training to prepare you for the world of work and connect students with potential employers.


How We Make the Chef Apprenticeship in Adelaide Accessible

We value the potential of every individual that makes contact with us, and people from different economic backgrounds can access our programmes. Although apprenticeships provide the opportunity for candidates to earn while they learn, these are funding programmes for those who need additional financial assistance:

  • SkillingSA. South Australian funding helps bring students and businesses in Adelaide together where we match student aspirations with economic growth areas identified by the government.

  • NSW government funding. This option from our Sydney campus is accessible to Australian citizens, permanent residents, humanitarian visa holders, or New Zealand citizens living or working in New South Wales. Potential learners can check their Smart and Skilled subsidy eligibility via an online quick check form. If eligible, candidates will be able to complete and submit the enrolment form.

  • Exemptions or concessions. Aboriginals or Torres Strait Islanders, students who meet the Smart and Skilled disability criteria or depend on disability support pension recipients qualify for an exemption.

  • Although not available for Diploma and Advanced Diploma students, concessions in the form of discounted fees are accessible to disadvantaged people studying for qualifications up to and including Certificate IV. Eligible students are those receiving a specified Australian Government welfare benefit or allowance at the time of their enrolment or are the dependants of a recipient of specified Australian Government welfare benefits or allowances.

  • VET student loans. Invest in your future by using this allowance from the Commonwealth (managed by the Australian taxation office,) which is repayable to them by reducing your take-home wage. The Department of Education and Training approves and pays the loan, depending on the chosen course, directly to the approved course provider. This form of financial assistance offers a capped amount where the student will pay the difference.

  • Australian citizens, holders of permanent humanitarian visas, New Zealand Special Category Visa (SCV) holders are eligible. They have to provide a copy of their senior certificate of education or undertake a reading and numeracy assessment to gain access to study. Alternatively, students must provide a copy of a qualification at Certificate IV level or above. In addition to these requirements, learners must be studying an approved VET student loan course and not exceed the FEE-HELP limit.

Be Job-Ready With Our Chef Apprenticeship in Sydney

We provide world-class learning facilities to adequately equip learners with the hands-on knowledge they need to establish themselves in the hospitality industry. Besides the chef apprenticeship, we also offer a barista training course for the individual who appreciates the technicalities involved in this field and the art of customer service. Our ‘Apprentice Today, Chef for Life’ program is available to all students. Here’s what you can expect when you choose to study at our college:

  • Commercial cookery apprenticeship. The first of the two commercial cookery courses we offer is ‘certificate III’, which takes three years. This course is for individuals looking to pursue a career as an apprentice cook, kitchen staffer, cook, or sous chef.

  • The certificate IV in commercial cookery takes up to four years for learners whose goal is to be a chef or chef de ‘partie.’

  • Barista course. Students will learn the different techniques required to ensure consistency and quality of product and service in this course. Content also includes running operations of a bar that sells specialty coffees, and we will introduce learners to the professional standards required in this line of work.

  • Practical training. After the theoretical knowledge component of the course, we give students hands-on training with the cooperation of the workplace. We assist in finding an employer who is pre-approved that will hire you as an apprentice.

  • Employment opportunities. Our student support extends to giving learners access to the job market because of our established relationships and partnerships within the Australian hospitality job industry.

So, whether you’re looking to start your journeys towards becoming a renowned cook or a liquid chef, choose us to give you the knowledge and skill needed to get you there.


Why We are the Preferred Provider of the Commercial Cookery Apprenticeship

Quality College Of Australia offers 28 years of experience in the industry. We have established networks wide enough to match students with employer needs, ensuring both job satisfaction and company growth.

Contact us for more information on how to apply.