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Industry Engagement

Our Industry Engagement Team are our "go-to" staff members for when our students need assistance in finding a venue to complete their placements, or if they are seeking advice on employment. Our Industry Engagement Officers support our students in Work Integrated Learning (WIL). Michaela and Jeff have extensive knowledge and experience working in the hospitality industry. They support our students by actively seeking employment opportunities and by engaging with their contacts in the industry. Our partnership with  Hospitality Jobs Australia  gives them a "first look" at job openings, which they are then able to recommend suitable positions to current students and alumni while assisting them with the tools and confidence to apply. 

Meet the team

Michaela Marcus
Adelaide, South Australia


Jeff Kim
Sydney, New South Wales


If you are an employer with time to share your knowledge of the kitchen with people willing to learn please contact either Michaela or Jeff.

We believe you deserve the best opportunity to get your dream job through our training and employment services.

Follow our major partner Hospitality Jobs on Facebook for the most recent job openings across Australia!

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