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Hospitality Course in Sydney

Hospitality Course in Sydney

Complete a Hospitality Course in Sydney to Kick-Start Your Career

Joining the hospitality industry offers you many exciting, fast-paced career opportunities worldwide. It gives you the chance to meet new people every day, learn about different cultures through food and drink, and is often a gateway to international travel. Quality College of Australia gives you the chance to complete a hospitality course in Sydney that connects you to job opportunities across the country.


What Hospitality Course is Best for You?

Furthering your education through a hospitality qualification helps you stand out among numerous applicants during your job search. We offer four different hospitality programmes that prepare students for the world of work in restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels. Here is a summary to help you decide which of our hospitality short courses in Sydney is right for you.

  • Certificate II in Hospitality: This is an entry-level course comprising 12 subjects, teaching you skills that include cultural sensitivity, teamwork, and workplace safety and hygiene. You can complete this course within a year.

  • Certificate III in Hospitality: A cert 3 in hospitality is a well-rounded course that includes theoretical and practical subjects. As a cert 3 student, you will also learn about basic financial transactions and budgeting within the hospitality industry. The course involves 15 subjects and may be completed over two years.

  • Certificate IV in Hospitality: This is an advanced certificate to be completed over three years. This course teaches you leadership and management skills in addition to basic hospitality skills applicable to a supervisor or team leader role.

  • Diploma of Hospitality Management: A diploma is a higher qualification than a certificate and usually takes two to three years to complete. During this course, you will study 28 subjects, and it is suited to students seeking a hotel or club manager role.

  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management: The three-year advanced diploma is the highest hospitality qualification we offer. The course will help you refine your skills and gain focused knowledge in your chosen field. Career paths for this course often include executive chefs and housekeepers or operations managers.

More About Our Hospitality Courses

Our college offers you the chance to study towards a certificate or diploma of hospitality management online, making studying more convenient and flexible for our students. We encourage you to ask questions before choosing a course to make sure you make the right decision for your career goals. Here is some more information based on questions we receive during the application process.

  • International students: We welcome international students to our college and encourage you to apply from anywhere in the world. Our international policies and procedures are readily available to all students, and our consultants will happily guide you through the application process. We also partner with educational institutions in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas for your convenience.

  • Literacy and minimum requirements: Our courses are for anyone looking to break into the world of hospitality, and our placements are based on a fair application process. You must have completed year 12 or an international equivalent and be over 18 years old to enrol in our programmes. You will also need to demonstrate satisfactory English literacy skills to apply.

  • Funding: As a student, you may be eligible for government funding or reduced fees based on your application and existing skill set. We do recognise prior education and can offer relevant credits for any previous hospitality experience or qualifications. We also offer VET student loans for eligible applicants to gain access to higher education - our consultants can provide you with more details on our funding options.


Apply at the Quality College of Australia Today

Quality College Of Australia offers you the opportunity to complete a certificate or diploma of hospitality management in Sydney, both online and in person. Our courses will equip you with the skills you need through practical classes and activities. Our dedicated industry engagement team can connect you to numerous professionals within the hospitality industry - helping you find your dream job after graduation.

Contact us for more information, or apply now to start your career today.

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