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A letter from Ronalynne Encontro

QTHC Trainers in Sydney were delighted to receive this letter from Ronalynne on March 2nd 2021! Very uplifting for all those thinking about studying cookery!


Good day Chefs! Even though it has been a busy season for me with regard to work, I thought reaching out to you is a good idea. I guess IP meeting, journal checking, and IP visits are good platforms to know the progress of many students completing their Industry Placement, but in my heart and mind, I know that I needed to do this. I’m writing this email because I wanted you to know that I am very grateful that you were there to guide me from the beginning up until now. All the teachings from theory classes and labs were a great help. Recalling what we’ve learned from the class and applying those in actual situations and instances is a huge advantage for me. You are all absolutely great teachers! I am just so happy that you took great care of us. During the worst times of pandemic, you never let us down. All the support we need from you, all the adjustments were absolutely heartwarming. Coming to Australia alone is a really daunting decision and worrisome but it all went away because I knew I’m in great hands, great educators. By the way, I am now working at Il Cacciatore Restaurant in Hunter Valley. I know it’s very far away from Sydney but I am very lucky to find and work with people who are very welcoming, professional and approachable in case I need something. Also, the restaurant won numerous awards within Australia and the Hunter Region. It has been operating for 3 decades and I am very proud that I am part of this team. They are great chefs and colleagues. Having a great kitchen family makes it easier for me to do my tasks every day. I do both sections, pastry and hot kitchen and the great part about this restaurant is that we always have the chance to make our own specials, dessert and pasta specials. When creating dishes and menus, everyone is very helpful. Suggestions and insights are always welcome. So I’ll be sending you some of the dishes that I made and curated by my kitchen family as well as photos within the restaurant. Again, I couldn’t thank you enough for what I’ve become today. I really enjoy what I am doing in the kitchen. You are all part of my career’s success. I wish you could visit me in my workplace one day. Best Regards, Ronalynne Encontro


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