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Windy Point

Alex Kolberg

The classic degustation experience commonly sets out on a 5 stop excursion exploring a well-developed array of the finer things in life; food and wine. The definition of degustation states the experience as ‘the careful appreciative tasting of various foods, focusing on the senses and culinary representation of a chefs’ works.’ I experienced that for the first time tonight at Windy Point Adelaide.

Once I was seated the evenings event began with a magnificent sunset, one of the great aesthetic attractions Windy Point has to offer. My journey would consist of a staggering 8 courses matched with local wines, French champagnes and an incredible Spanish sherry. The menu was unlike anything I had experienced before. Being a chef, I was naturally intrigued and excited to indulge in all that is, has been and will be, unique creations and inspirations of others in the industry whom fell in love with the culinary arts as I did.

As I made my way through the courses, I found myself slowing down, not solely due to an expanding stomach but also due to the uncomfortable thought that this experience was only temporary. I was fascinated by the skill and craft these dishes depicted and found myself wandering through time connecting my own experiences to the story my palate was being told.

I had the idea of expressing what I felt about each dish in this review, I then concluded that the experience is unique for everyone, as it should be. I felt as though if I were to do that; it would only take away or dilute the opportunity that is on offer at Windy Point. I think the best way to experience a degustation is with an open mind and an unformed expectation. That is where the magic of gastronomy is found, experiencing culture in a truly unique form.

Bravo to the brigade as well as the service staff who took care of me throughout the evening.

Alex Kolberg

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