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The Man behind The Red Robin

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Oscar Hose, the man behind The Red Robin on Hindley Street, knows as much about coffee as anyone we know, and isn’t that what you want in your Barista?

Oscar’s career behind the machine started in 2013. Completing a Certificate II in Hospitality through Quality Training and Hospitality College he found his passion, coffee. But that’s not all he found. Along with a sense of purpose, he found inspiration. Trainer Christine Brogan taught him the basics of Front of House sure, but she also taught him a lesson he has carried with him every day since – Start your day with the mentality you are going to achieve something. And that’s exactly what he has done.

It’s a common misconception that hospitality is a casual job rather than a career, and Oscar is an obvious example of why this is simply not true. In 2017 he took a risk and invested in a Coffee Cart. His work with Adelaide based Bean Revoloution, specialist coffee roasters, gave him the background knowledge to set him apart. His cart took off, his coffee being outstanding and his personality being so warm and infectious it would be hard for it not to!

It’s been 3 months since Oscar opened his very own café, and we are so proud of him. It takes dedication, passion and a whole lot of hard work to own your own business, but Oscar is proving it’s most definitely possible.

Support your local and visit The Red Robin today. You won’t be disappointed.

And if you would like to start your career in the Hospitality and follow in Oscar’s footsteps make sure to contact Quality Training and Hospitality College!

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