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Sydney Trainer Tracy gets Rockstar Service at Shobosho - Adelaide

Our Sydney superstar trainer Tracy came down to visit our Adelaide Campus last week - and we loved having her! Not only did she catch up with the QTHC team down here in Adelaide, but she also had a few spare moments to catch up with some Sydney Diploma Students who had relocated to SA, and are now working at Shobosho.

Any Adelaidian foodie will have heard of Shobosho - the outstanding Japanese Restaurant located on Leigh St. Tracy was lucky enough to visit the restaurant with Son, one of the restaurant's employees with the night off, who knows exactly how to navigate the menu.

QTHC graduates Tono was manning the Yakitori Bar and Young was cooking in the main restaurant. With such great company, you can imagine Tracy's experience was nothing short of outstanding. Beautiful food using traditional Japanese techniques of smoke, steam, and fire, paired with beautiful wine made for an experience she won't soon forget!

A huge thank you to the team over at Shobosho.

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