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Magill Estate

Jen Amor

Magill Estate: As Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz would exclaim – Oh My!

Walking the path to the welcoming entrance, not to be confused with the yellow brick road, it is exhilarating to know a degustation of food morsels is waiting.

We start with a selection of disguised snacks, random but familiar from a smoked trout crumpet, to a lamb mustard brain (yes just one!) making you yearn for an encore.

A cream puff creatively mimicking a profiterole playing with your taste buds turns out to be a smooth liver parfait, one is also simply not enough, but one must remember these are only snacks.

A raw tuna follows encased around a hidden egg yolk, protecting it from the environmental elements, as fresh and as exquisite as if the hatch had just occurred!

The quail and eggplant delicacy is intertwined with ginger beer coils. We opt for the extra meal of warm crab with fermented ice, which looks like a foaming ocean dry ice spray, tasting like it has just come off the boat.

Wines to match complimented the food perfectly, with the Reserve Semillon a firm favourite.

Unsure if the extra option WA shaved truffle (shaved at your table by the truffle barber!) or the lemon myrtle buttermilk cheesecake were a want more than a need, but a break was certainly required to maintain brain function, recalibrate the taste buds, and breathe from the unfathomable depth of generous creativity.

If Heston was dining, textures and hidden ingredients would have made him curiouser and curiouser……; however Gordon Ramsey would have sworn it was too good to be true………

Appreciating the piquancy will be an everlasting memory.

In the words of Alice in Wonderland – How long is forever? Sometimes, just one second……

Jen Amor

Hopeful and Wishful Food Critic!

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