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Generosity from Sophie Thomson

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Sophie Thomson is the Owner of Sophie's Patch located in Mount Barker, SA. With 25k+ followers on both Facebook and Instagram, Sophie is a TV Presenter on Gardening Australia, horticultural visionary and a VERY generous and caring woman who is well known for her community involvement in many areas.⁠ ⁠

On Monday, she dropped in to our Adelaide Campus to donate five boxes of home grown fruit and vegetables for us to use in our Free Meal Kit Program for our international students.⁠

We are incredibly grateful and thankful for her generosity. QTHC Cookery Trainer Heather and Sophie have a longstanding friendship. Over the Easter long weekend, Heather would usually be hosting and assisting with cooking demonstrations with Sophie at Sophie's Patch Easter Open Garden 2020 event. Due to this year’s social distancing requirements, this event has been postponed in the interest of everyone's health and wellbeing. ⁠#easteropengarden⁠ Sophie talks about how beneficial gardening can be for your mental AND physical health in her TEDx Talk on Youtube During COVID-19, this is the perfect time to start building your own garden, growing your own fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit etc. Physically, you can swap a 30-minute session at the gym for a 45 minute session in the garden! AND gardening can help alleviate or help us deal with anxiety and depression. QTHC believes that it is incredibly important for a Chef to know where their ingredients are coming from or better yet, to grow their own!⁠ Thank you Sophie!⁠ #sophiespatch Visit Sophie's website for gardening tips, recipes, upcoming events and social media/newsletter signup.⁠

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