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Chef Paolo Patone & the Magic of Sicilian Cuisine

The beauty of Sicilian food is its simplicity. Fresh, beautiful ingredients coming together to provide nourishing dishes. This philosophy of sourcing local ingredients to make something beautiful is something Chef Paolo Patone learnt while travelling extensively through Italy for 6 years at the start of his career.

Working in both Siciliy and Venice, Chef Paolo learnt from the best - and he’s brought that knowledge to his current position at Ottimo House, one of Sydney’s most gorgeous natural wedding destinations.

It was our pleasure to host Chef Paolo at Quality Training & Hospitality College, and our privilege to have him impart traditional Sicilian cooking techniques on our students.

The menu of the day consisted of a Sicilian-style Rabbit in Agrodolce Sauce with Warm Couscous Sala and Fresh Cannoli with Ricotta & Pistachio Filling. Two beautiful dishes that are the epitome of Sicilian cooking.

Learning to make traditional Cannoli from a master? That’s a skill you wont soon forget.

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