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Speciality: Coffee & Donuts. Adelaide Cafe or Police Station?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Coffee and donuts. Do you picture a US Police Station with a few overweight cops sitting around drinking black coffee and pigging out on donuts? We do, but we aren't blogging about cops and robbers. We are talking about Third Time Lucky Coffee on Henley Beach Road in Adelaide. Donuts & coffee are their speciality.

Quang Nguyen & Heath Dalziel are the co-owners of this quirky spot. One of our students, Diana, is currently on placement here, working with Heath Dalziel, who was named the Australian Brewers Cup Champion 2018. Third Time Lucky's small kitchen produces a breakfast/brunch/lunch menu of fresh, seasonal and local ingredients to create bagels, sandwiches & flatbreads.

We spoke to Diana about her experience implementing her skills at Third Time Lucky.

“I enjoy baking things such as donuts, muffins and bagels. Especially donuts, which I do every morning. When they turn out beautifully, it makes my day.”

What is your favourite dish to prepare?

“My favourite dish to cook is the smashed avo bagel. It is simple and healthy. To describe it, we spread cream cheese thinly on the bagel, which we make, and layer smashed avo on one side. Two poached eggs, chilli oil and fried shallots are then placed on the bagel and then it is garnished with coriander. The owner makes the chilli oil himself.”

What is the most important thing you have learnt so far?

“Good food makes our customer happy. Our cafe always uses fresh and quality ingredients. We try to make good dishes that make customers think it’s worth coming in for.”

Third Time Lucky serves breakfast and brunch from Monday to Saturday. Look for the maneki-neko (fortune cat) from the Henley Beach Road cafe frontage and head on in for an incredible meal or a coffee & a donut.

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