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Would you like to study in Sydney or Adelaide?

Our Hospitality Course for International Students Welcomes Everyone

At Quality College Of Australia, our number one priority is helping you succeed in your culinary dreams. You get to train under qualified professionals and learn how to work within the hospitality industry. If you love the food industry and want to get some experience outside your home country, our course for international students is a fantastic choice.


Courses You Can do With Our Australia International Scholarship

When you want to work in the hospitality industry, it’s important that you get the proper training from experienced professionals that have spent years mastering their skills. Our professionals can provide the following Australia courses for international students:

  • You can do a Cert II in Kitchen Operations. This course aims to teach you how to work effectively with other kitchen staff, properly use food preparation equipment, use your cooking skills effectively, and more. Aside from your eight core units, you also have five additional units that you can select yourself.

  • You can do a Cert III and Cert IV in Commercial Cookery. This course includes a range of subjects, from managing diversity in the workplace to implementing and monitoring environmentally sustainable work practices to preparing stocks, sauces, and soups -everything you need to know working in a commercial kitchen.

  • You can do a Cert III and Cert IV in Hospitality. During this course, you will learn many different things, including how to handle conflict, manage a budget, effectively coach others in job skills, and more.

The Benefits of Getting an Australia International Student VISA

There are many benefits to getting an international scholarship for students from Quality College Of Australia. To help you weigh your options and figure out whether the experience would be worth it for you, consider the following:

  • You get to experience the culinary culture of a different country. Any professional chef will tell you that experience from different countries and cultures can make a tremendous difference when finding your own cooking style. Travelling to Australia to learn from professionals from other countries is an excellent way to improve your skills.

  • You will open new doors for yourself and your career. While learning from our professionals is undoubtedly an excellent reason to apply for a scholarship from us, it shouldn’t be the only reason. When you travel across the world to a different country, your skills and experience can open many opportunities to find an excellent job and meet people that could help you run your future restaurant.

  • You need financial assistance to pursue your culinary dreams. Applying for a scholarship is a fantastic way to get the necessary experience and education, even if you can’t necessarily afford to pay for it yourself. The purpose of our scholarships is to provide those without the financial means to receive education and achieve their goals and learn more about their passions.


How to Apply for Our Australia International Student Scholarship

The first thing you should consider is which subjects you would like to explore. We have many different options to help you learn and further your experience in the culinary world. You can also consider whether you want to enrol in Adelaide or Sydney. After you’ve decided, all you must do is fill in one of our contact forms, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

With a process this simple, there is no reason not to apply for a scholarship at Quality College Of Australia. Download our international prospectus today and start your culinary journey to a different country.

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