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This award will be presented to the applicant who best demonstrates they have the required attitude, skill and motivation to succeed in the hospitality industry, and the training provided by Quality College of Australia will best help them to achieve their goals of success in the future. Follow the steps below to apply!

Personal Statement Form

Terms & Conditions​


The Award​

  • The winning student will win an award valued at $7,250.00

  • The award will be announced at the graduation ceremony at the end of the student's enrolment and will be paid in the form of a bank transfer to the student's nominated bank account.

Applicant Criteria​

  • This scholarship is only for international students. Permanent residents or citizens of Australia will not be considered. 

  • The recipient must be the holder of a foreign passport with an Australian Government student visa subclass 500 (vocational education).

  • The recipient must abide at all time by the terms of the visa. This includes adhering to the number of hours employed per week, attendance at the course, financial obligations and obeying Australian laws.

  • Students must complete a minimum of two semesters of study to be eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Course Criteria

  • The recipient must be enrolled in an international course with QCA with a CoE.

  • Re-enrolling students can not apply for a scholarship a second time. 

Application Process

  • Students advised of scholarship at induction.

  • Information and application paperwork available online.

  • Students are invited to submit scholarship application from the start of final semester.

    • Applications received prior to this will not be accepted.​

  • Application to be submitted with relevant supporting information as per submission instructions on application form, by 5:00pm Friday at the end of week 10 in final semester.

Judging Criteria

  • Student will be judged on the following criteria:

    • Attendance (minimum 90%)​

    • Academic performance (up to date with course progress - no previous issues)

    • Practical ability (advised by trainer/industry placement report)

    • Attitude and participation in class (advised by trainers/ISSO)

    • Attitude and participation during industry placement (advised by IP reports)

    • Performance in non-academic aspects of studies (advised by ISSO/trainers)

    • Personal presentation/uniform in class (advised by trainers)

    • Quality of written application (assessed by scholarship judging panel)

    • Quality of student interview (assessed by scholarship judging panel)

    • Demonstrated worthiness for the award (other contributing factors)

    • Application to be judged against other eligible scholarship applicants

Judging Process

  • Applicants to be shortlisted based on above criteria by ISSO and trainers. Top applicants to be referred to scholarship judging panel for interview and final decision.​

  • Late applications will not be accepted.

  • Decision to be made prior to graduation.​

  • Winner advised of award.

  • Announcement and presentation at end of semester graduation ceremony.

  • Student will be awarded with:

    • Certificate of Achievement​

    • Letter from the college

    • Claim information sheet

  • Student will need to provide college with bank account details for award payment.

Contact us

If you have any queries, please contact us or call us on 1300 511 888

Step One:

Download the personal statement form below, complete and save.

Step Two:

Complete the application form below, upload completed personal statement (from Step One) and submit!

Terms & Conditions
Application Process
Judging Criteria

Mara Cortezano

In my opinion, Zoom serves as a great platform for online classes mainly for three reasons; technology-wise, the application itself is very technical friendly in terms of the clearness and preciseness the steps of installation were and how quick it was for me to familiarize myself when joining meetings and clicking buttons (audio, video, etc.); for the theory lessons, I honestly don’t have any concerns with that because I enjoyed how classes started with icebreaker questions or games especially kahoot which strengthened my knowledge and confidence about the topics despite it being online; lastly, as students we were rest assured by our trainers that we were not alone during lectures and assessments because they were thoroughly discussing every bit of information and sharing their own experience that we needed to know and of course they were very enthusiastic, patient and accommodating with our questions or concerns. I think the only downside of the online classes is the uncertainty of the stability of internet connection in some circumstances. 


Overall, online lessons via zoom were truly worth remembering as it provided me a lot of information and enhanced my comprehension with the course I am pursuing. I am absolutely amazed and grateful for the efforts of the trainers that positively changed my perspective on online classes despite the pandemic that’s happening. 

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