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CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support teaches our students to provide support in a manner that empowers people with disabilities to achieve greater levels of independence, self-reliance, community participation and wellbeing.


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The Certificate IV in Disability Support course is designed for individuals who are looking to develop their skills and knowledge in the disability area. It is suitable for those already working in the field, as well as those who are looking to move into the disability industry.

Undertaking a Certificate IV in Disability Support is a great way to develop yourself professionally and personally, by gaining an understanding of the challenges facing people with disabilities and how to best support them.


  • Day Support Disability Officer

  • Disability Team Leader

  • Disability Service Officer

  • Project Officer

  • Disability Support Assistant (Schools)

  • Lifestyle Support Officer

  • Community Development Officer (Disability)

  • Support Facilitator (Disability)


  • Adelaide (Wayville)

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^Subsidised under SkillingSA an SA Government Initiative. Eligibility and subsidy criteria apply, please visit or view page on our website for more information.

An Overview of Our CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support in Adelaide

When you study the CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support in Adelaide with Quality College of Australia you will gain skills in supporting people with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities. After completing this course you will be able to provide high-quality support services to people with disabilities in a variety of settings. So, if you are looking to make a real difference in the lives of people living with a disability, then this course is for you!

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What Jobs Can You Get With the CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support Qualification?

Support qualifications are excellent education choices that offer you numerous possible career paths after graduation. Disability support roles are in high demand, and the knowledge you gain throughout the course includes practical, transferable skills that often prove useful in other areas of life. Here are some popular job roles students who complete this qualification can be employed in:

  • Disability Service Officer - Enrolling in our CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support qualification in Adelaide, can help you land a job caring for people living with disabilities. As a disability service officer, you will work with people living with a disability in a variety of settings including the client's own home, group housing and disability services agencies. By supporting people living with a disability you will assist them to fully participate in all aspects of their lives at home and in the community. You will help improve their physical and mental wellbeing, through companionship and care.

  • Community Development Officer (Disability) - As a Community Development Officer (Disability) you would play a fundamental role to the lives of people with disabilities living in our society. You would work to forming an inclusive environment in the community by advocating for and supporting the rights of those living with a disability. This could include providing support services, creating educational and recreational opportunities, and working with local government and other service providers to ensure that people with disabilities are not excluded from activities and services available to the general public.

  • Disability Support Assistant (Schools) - Working in an education environment as a Disability Support Assistant, you would play a vital role in supporting children and young people to access their education. You would assist by providing a range of practical assistance to enable children and young people with disabilities to participate in the classroom, enabling them to access learning and teaching activities. This may include supporting the child or young person with day-to-day physical activities and emotional support. As a Disability Support Assistant, you would accomplish this by providing appropriate support with educational and social development to help them to make progress and achieve their potential. You will work closely with teachers and other educational professionals to ensure that the child or young person has access to the best possible support and resources.  

What is it Like to Study a Certificate IV in Disability Support?

Completing a disability support course involves developing the knowledge and skills to provide quality support to individuals with disabilities. It will give an understanding of the impact of disability on individuals and their families, as well as various strategies to support people living with a disability. Students will gain knowledge about the services and resources available to individuals with disabilities, including specialised equipment and how to use it to support the individual. This course is suited to students who would like to make a real difference in the lives of people living with a disability and help to create a more inclusive society. Here is what to expect while studying towards our CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support in Adelaide:


  • Entry Requirements. To gain entry into the CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support the below requirements must be met.

        Completion of: CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)


        Completion of: CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)


​       Completion of: CHC30408 Certificate III in Disability PLUS

       the CHCSS00125 Entry to Certificate IV in Disability Support Skill Set.


  • Duration and course outline. The course is a higher-level certificate that takes 36 weeks to complete as a full-time program. This includes scheduled classes three days a week at our campus in Adelaide as well as up to 12 hours of self paced study per week. The course consists of seven compulsory subjects and three elective subjects. You will complete written and practical assessments to progress through the course.

  • Theory classes. During the theory classes which are undertaken in our modern and comfortable classrooms, you will learn how to communicate, care for and assist people who live with a disability safely and respectfully. You will learn about person-centred behaviour supports and responses, how to facilitate community participation and social inclusion, how to work with people with mental health issues as well as safety procedures and legal and ethical compliance within the disability sector.

  • Practical experience. Supporting and caring for people with a disability is a hands-on service job, and our course gives you the practical experience you need to join the world of work with confidence. You will need to complete at least 120 hours of practical work to graduate from the course. The work placement component is structured as 30 hours per week for four weeks. You can choose to work in a variety of settings such as community centres, schools, group homes, and day programs.

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Enrol at Quality College of Australia

The Quality College Of Australia offers you the opportunity to follow your passion for caring for others and find meaningful work in the disability support industry. Choosing our CHC43121 Certificate IV in Disability Support at our Adelaide campus gives you access to our world-class facilities and mentors with vast industry and teaching knowledge and experience. We welcome students from all walks of life, and we enjoy hosting international students.

Contact us to find out more.

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