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Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing/Disability) teaches our students the practical, legal, ethical, and emotional skills needed to care for aged and/or people with a disability. Students will learn about independence, well-being, working with diverse people, and safe work practices.


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A Certificate III in Individual Support is an entry-level course designed for those who are ready to begin a life-changing journey to become a support worker and get their foot in the door. You will be assisting people to lead independent and fulfilling lives. You will be supporting people to do their favourite things. Most importantly, you will be ensuring people reach their full potential, and in return, you reach yours.


  • Nurses Aide

  • Accommodation Support Worker

  • Care Worker

  • Residential Support Worker

  • Field Officer (Community Services)

  • In-Home Respite Worker

  • Disability Service Officer

  • School Support Officer (Disability)


  • Adelaide (Wayville)

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^Subsidised under SkillingSA an SA Government Initiative. Eligibility and subsidy criteria apply, please visit or view page on our website for more information.

An Overview of Our Certificate 3 in Individual Support in Adelaide

If you are a compassionate person looking for a fulfilling career, training as an individual support worker can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Studying a certificate 3 in individual support in Adelaide at the Quality College of Australia gives you the skills required to join the disability or aged support industry. Our courses give you a strong foundation of knowledge to help you join a support role that can positively impact people’s lives.


What Jobs Can You Get With a Cert 3 Disability Support Qualification?

Disability and aged care support qualifications are excellent education choices that offer you numerous possible career paths after graduation. Individual support roles are in high demand, and the knowledge you gain throughout the course includes practical, transferable skills that often prove useful in other areas of life. Here are some popular job placements for our students:

  • Aged care support worker. Studying our certificate 3 in aged care in Adelaide equips you with the skills needed to care for elderly people that need assistance completing everyday activities. As an aged support worker, you may work at a private home, community organisation, or group living facility. Working in this industry often includes helping older people maintain healthy and dignified lifestyles through personal care and social inclusion.

  • Nurse’s aide. As a nurse's assistant, you are often required to care for patients and complete some basic administrative tasks. A formal qualification ensures you have the clinical knowledge to work with patients safely and confidently. Nurse’s aides often help administer a patient’s medication, assist with bathing and dressing, and monitor their vital signs. This role offers vital support for nurses and the general medical industry.

  • Disability support officer. Enrolling in our certificate 3 in disability in Adelaide can help you land a job caring for people living with disabilities in their homes or at medical facilities. Supporting disabled people offers you the opportunity to improve their physical and mental wellbeing through companionship and care. School disability support roles allow you to work with children, helping them through learning and social challenges.

What is it Like to Study a Certificate 3 in Aged Care and Disability?

Completing an individual support course involves developing the practical skills and social experience you need to interact with vulnerable groups safely and ethically. This course is best suited to students who hope to improve the lives of others through their career choices. Here is what to expect while studying towards our cert 3 in individual support in Adelaide:

  • Duration and syllabus. The course is a higher-level certificate that takes 29 weeks to complete as a full-time programme. This includes scheduled classes three days a week at our campus in Adelaide. The syllabus consists of seven compulsory subjects and a combination of elective classes. You will complete written and practical assessments to track your progress throughout the course.

  • Theory classes. The theory classes we offer teach you how to care for others safely and communicate respectfully. You will learn about the body and how to support healthy living, safety procedures, ethics, and communication skills in our modern and comfortable classroom setting. You may also choose between the disability or aging elective streams depending on what role you hope to follow after graduation.

  • Practical experience. Caring for others is a hands-on service job, and our course gives you the practical experience you need to join the world of work with confidence. You will need to complete at least 120 hours of practical work to graduate from the programme. There may be additional hours required depending on your assessment requirements. You can choose to work in a private residence, hospital, school, or community centre.


Enrol at Quality College of Australia

The Quality College Of Australia offers you the opportunity to follow your passion for caring for others and find meaningful work in the individual support industry. Choosing our certificate iii in individual support at our Adelaide campus gives you access to our world-class facilities and mentors with decades of teaching experience. We welcome students from all walks of life, and we enjoy hosting international students. Contact us to find out more.

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